We face enormous challenges in minimising and reversing the impacts of humans and must transform the way we generate, use, share and co-ordinate our natural and manufactured resources to ensure the wellbeing of future generations.


Energy and resource costs are a constant challenge for homes & businesses, with inadequate and inconsistent government policies making it necessary to navigate issues such as productivity, consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, demand reduction and renewable energy.


Ethical & social impact investing, climate bonds, carbon offsets, ‘green’ loans & mortgages, power purchase agreements, virtual grids, grants and schemes such as the Emissions Reduction Fund, VIC Energy Upgrades program, SA Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme & NSW Energy Savings Scheme can lower cost barriers and enhance profitability.

Powerfy™ is an environmental technology and financing company. We apply our knowledge and experience with data capture and analytics, using our Profit Engine™ to optimise sustainability, energy & carbon emissions.

Who Are We?

We are a team of talented and experienced energy engineers, analysts, auditors, project managers and support staff.

Our Mission

To make our clients’ businesses more profitable and sustainable, simultaneously making the world a better place for everyone.

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